Welcome on the site of Mihary
You will find here the progress of the actions to achieve the vision of the sustainable development, undertaken in all authenticity…integration of young.

Who is this famous Mihary!

Mihary is a team of young men and women, united to set in motion a model of socioeconomic sustainable development.
The members have been unified after a project contest, organized by FHI360 in the setting of the struggle against locusts in the Androy region of Madagascar. The transformation of the locusts for human feed is the strategy adopted in the struggle against locusts. It is used at the same time to contribute to fight against food insecurity in the region.
This system of alternative struggle limits the use of the pesticides which are harmful to the environment and consumes high budgetary allowance.

Determination, hold of responsibility and engagement of the young constitute the bases of change for the development of a country. As evokes the byword Malagasy ” Tsy mifidy tany malemy anorenam-pangady”, meaning literally “don’t choose to work a arable land”, that calls us to face the difficulties rather than to choose the means apparently the most comfortable. The team chose to face and surpass the different obstacles presenting before himself against his objectives and his ambitions. This is how Mihary lives his slogan” to be a team bearer of solutions and no a burden for the society “, in malagasy” Ekipa Mihary, mpamaha olana fa tsy vesatra ho an’ny fiarahamonina “, in order to ascertain a radiant future.

Even though the Mihary team is yet in the flower of age, his course heads toward maturity. We invite you to follow us in this adventure more interesting than enriching…

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